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What information do we store?
Name, Date of Birth: These are legal requirements for medical documents. This allows us to check that any notes are yours. This is especially useful if liaising with your GP or if your name is similar to another patient’s.

Address: this is used for correspondence. Occasionally, we may need to post something to you (related to your treatment) or confirm your address when liaising with your insurance company or GP. It is another way of confirming your identity.

Telephone numbers: we need to be able to contact you in case of unforeseen circumstances, to clarify your appointment with you and if we need to change your appointment for any reason.

Email address: we use these to send your appointment reminders, GP letters and to correspond with you if we are unable to reach you by telephone.

Medical notes: these are a legal obligation for us to keep and our professional body sets out what information we are required to record. They are not shared with anyone except those treating you without your written consent.

Where/how will we store your information?
We use an online notes system called ‘WriteUpp’. This system handles all of our bookings, patient details and clinical notes, including any clinical letters written as part of your treatment. WriteUpp is constantly reviewing its data protection policy and is fully compliant with the new data protection legislation. It is our responsibility, when using this system, to make sure that all passwords and login details are kept safe and are individual to the user.

We may also keep your details in a password protected file to enable us to check your account status with your insurance company and keep up to date with billing.

How long do we keep your information?
We keep your clinical notes for 7 years unless you are under 18. In this case, we keep your notes for 7 years after your 18th birthday. If you have been seen for the same condition in the meantime and the notes are clinically useful, we will keep your notes for longer.

Who do we share your data with?
The only people who have access to your data within our system are our staff. All have signed our data protection policy and have been given training on how and when they are allowed to share data. We only share data with your insurance company, as required and discussed with you depending on the individual insurance company, or your GP by prior consent from you. More usually, if we would like to liaise with your GP/any other healthcare provider, we write a letter and give it directly to you so that you can decide when and if you pass that information on. You may withdraw your consent for us to share your information at any point by contacting us in any way.

What happens if you have a complaint about how we have handled your data?
You may complain to the Information Commissioners Office. Details can be found via their website or we will be happy to provide them to you. The data protection officer for BPP is Charlotte Harris.

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